Samples of our Drone Fleet

Drones can generally be distinguished by frame type. The smallest frame type is the tricopter frame, which includes three motors/propellers. Quadcopter frames have four motors/propellers, hexacopters have six motors/propellers, and finally octocopters have eight motors/propellers. Typical transportation engineering applications can be achieved by quadcopters and hexacopters. Currently, most of the drones utilized in the field of engineering are powered by batteries.

One of the most important components of every drone is the camera. The smallest camera that is generally utilized for engineering purposes is a 5 megapixel camera. Typically, 16 to 20 megapixel cameras are being used. More sophisticated engineering projects may require special attention to complicated details, meaning a 50 megapixel camera may be needed.

Our drone mapping service requires from us to utilize the most advanced state-of-the art technology when performing drone data collection.